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Hello Sausage! Or should I say sausage pawrents? Or should I say sausage lovers?! Actually, that sounds wrong! Anyway, a very warm welcome and thank you for visiting my website. My name is Emma and I'm truly delighted to invite you all to my very own Sausage Dog Day Care and Holiday Home, situated in the picturesque Carmarthenshire countryside.

We are a happy dachshund getaway for your pampered Daxies during those long working hours or when it's finally time for a holiday. Here at BelDarDachville we wish to give you the confidence of knowing that the apples of your eye are in a secure, safe and loving environment whilst you're away. 

I've been blessed to have been brought up around Dachshunds - miniatures and standards. In 2010 I had my very first miniature dachshund - Beautiful Bella- a chocolate and tan friend for life. She went everywhere with me as she rarely left my side. When she was five years old, we decided to get her a companion - Delightful Darcy, a black 'n tan sweetheart. They got along wonderfully, and Darcy brought out the feisty side in Bella.

Unfortunately, Bella gained her heavenly wings in 2021. In her honour, along with Darcy, I started the BelDar Franchise. Firstly, I established BelDarDesigns which is my crafting company - where I specialise in Cross Stitch Kits and Knitted Doggy Apparel (mainly for Dachshunds). Visit

Working from home, in March 2022 we decided to get another sausage as Darcy was in need of some extra company and we missed the pitter patter of extra paws in the house. Along came puppy gent- Gino -who we adopted from a local rescue centre- Many Tears. He's a true breath of fresh air yet the sweetest and most gentle soul.  My wife Kareena and I couldn't be happier now we're a family of four again. Darcy and Gino are a genuine daily tonic, and our lives are enriched with the love they give. 


With a lovely big home and spacious private garden, I decided to launch BelDarDachville and open up our home to more Dachie fun. I believe only Dachshund parents truly understand this breed, so I know it's a worry to find a suitable and safe home for your beloved when you're away. We understand the breed well and are always keen to support charities regarding IVDD. We regularly attend our local IVDD fundraising walks and appreciate that not all dogs are lucky enough to run freely any longer so I'm currently looking into an extra qualification to support dachshunds with IVDD.  I'm a member of NARPS and gained all qualifications on Pet Sitting and Dog Walking, which also included - Dog/Feline First Aid, Animal Law and Regulations, Nutrition, Healthy diet and Grooming. Animal Healthcare and other business-related modules. I also hold full public liability insurance and are DBS checked.

So. Myself, my wife, Darcy and Gino can't wait to welcome you into our happy home.  My wife is a teacher so gets plenty of holiday time to help out and if the truth be told, she's the biggest kid I've ever met. Please be assured that as Dachshund pawrent's the upmost care, belly raspberries and bedtime cuddles will be given to your precious pups. But please also remember we predominantly specialise only in Sausage dogs, so whatever your sausage gets at home, they're sure to get here too. (See FAQ'S above for exceptions).

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