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  • How do I book my Dachshund into BelDarDachville? You can book your sausage into BelDarDachville by using the contact section at the top of this page. There's a contact us box where you can email your enquiry or requested dates or a contact number​ where you can call me directly. I'll get back to you and if your dates are available, I'll send you out a BDD Welcome Pack via email or by post. 

  • How do I secure the dates? A 25% deposit secures the dates, this is non-refundable - unless medical emergency, or cancellation of your holiday, then I will allow the deposit to be taken off another date you book with us.

  • Can other dog breeds board with you? Unfortunately, not. Dachshunds only. However, we will allow, in certain circumstances, another small sibling dog from the same household, providing they are well behaved and not possessive over their sausage sibling and love other sausages.

  • Can my puppy be boarded with you? Yes! Puppies under 1 year can only be accepted 14 days after it has completed its primary course of vaccinations.

  • Is there a discount for additional sibling dachshunds from the same household? Yes there is a discount. Your first dog will be charged full price. Other subsequent dachies will receive £5 off per night. 

  • Will my dog be on social media via pictures or videos? We do have social media platforms and we do like to post fun friendly pictures of our resident dogs and other dogs being boarded. (If you prefer for your dog not to be involved via social media, just let us know).

  • Do we have to do the meet and greet before boarding our dog with you? We strongly advise doing the meet and greet. If you are coming from far away or if it's last minute, then we can take your dog, providing it's friendly and well behaved. However, if your dog is upsetting the resident pack then your emergency number will be contacted to come and collect your dog where no refund will be given.

  • Will my dog be let off its lead when walked? No. All dogs are kept on a short lead, when walked by us. There is ample space in our secure large garden to roam and run.

  • Neutered or spayed? At this time we are not boarding non neutered males, as it can cause tension to the pack due to the testosterone levels. Unspayed females are welcome unless there is a possibility of them coming into season, as we won't be held responsible for any unwanted attention. We rely on owners' honesty.

  • Can I bring my own dog food and treats? Yes, absolutely! We ask you to bring your own dog food and treats, so there will be less chance of poorly tummies. We will provide treats; they are natural and what we give Darcy & Gino. We serve breakfast and dinner at times you specify so their routine stays the same.

  • But what if I have a Diva Dachie or a very anxious sausage? We get it. We have one ourselves. We take our work very seriously and will do all we can with our experience of this breed to nest in your sausage by taking slow gentle steps until they're used to their new surroundings. The Meet and Greet is always recommended with home boarding and we're happy to meet you and your sausage prior to any booking so please just contact us and book yourself in for a walk about. We get it!

  • Can you give my dog medication? Yes. Any sausage that requires medication daily or weekly, will be documented and administered as required. Worming and flea treatment must be up to date.

  • What's your garden like? We have risk assessed our garden. It's not south facing (sun), so it gets plenty of shaded areas throughout the day. There's space for your sausage to run their legs off. A mix of patio and real grass. In the winter there is artificial grass available too. In the summer we have plenty of garden fun, including doggy pool and cool down sprinkler mat, also play tunnels and garden wiener races! Amongst plenty of ball action.

  • Will my sausage have plenty of indoor fun especially in the winter months? Your sausage will be royally entertained. There's a playroom full of teddies/toys/balls. Free run of the house where a ball can be thrown. Doggy disco evenings. A room to chill out and listen to some records. Also, snuggly time on the sofa with me whilst watching a doggy adventure film together. We also have a log burner, we only light this in the winter and it has a secure fireguard around. Our two sausages love it, usually belly-up and snoozing.

  • What if my Sausage has a birthday whilst I'm away? I truly hope they do! As this is such a fun event for us all. We go above and beyond to make it a special day. Birthday doggy cake, presents, card, doggy disco. Not only will they have an enjoyable birthday, but you too can join in the fun with regular pupdates throughout the day. Please make me aware of any upcoming birthdays prior to boarding.

  • Can my sausage have quality down time? Of course, here at BDD we will treat each sausage to a mini spa! A head/body/paw massage with calm relaxing music along with extra cuddles, followed by a selection of snuggly beds (or their own) to dream into. 

  • Where will my Sausage sleep? We do as best to emulate their home sleeping arrangements. So, if this is in a crate, on the floor, in their own bed. Upstairs/downstairs. We will accommodate. 

  • Are Sausages supervised 24hours a day? Your sausage will never be left alone at any time, except in an emergency where I have to take another dog to a vet (my vet is 10 minutes away). Your dog will either be crated if used to this or separated into different rooms. Your sausage will have all of my attention.

  • What if a sausage doesn't get collected? If we have had no contact (from owner and no joy from the emergency number) after 14 days of the collection date, we reserve the right to rehome the dog. We would make contact with The Red Foundation.

  • Are Collars and Identity Tags needed? Yes, all dogs by law should have an ID on their collar and be microchipped. Each boarded dog will have their own BDD Identity Tag attached to their collar during their stay. They will wear them on walks and around the garden. In the evenings we will take these collars off for a scratch and a snooze but inside the house only.

  • Vaccinations - We must see a current and up to date vaccination card including being vaccinated against kennel cough. (Information included in BDD Welcome Pack).

  • Payments accepted? We accept electronic bank transfer only.

  • Where are your terms and conditions? Terms and conditions are emailed out within the BDD Welcome Pack.


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